Practical SQL: A Beginner's Guide to Storytelling with Data

Getting the Code and Data

The code and data for both editions of Practical SQL is available on GitHub:

Second Edition files (book published in 2022)
First Edition files (book published in 2018)


1. On the book repository page on GitHub, you should see a Code button. Click it, and then select Download ZIP to save the ZIP file to your computer.

2. Place the file in a location where you can easily find it, such as your desktop. (If you’re a GitHub user, you can also clone or fork the repository.)

3. Unzip the file. You should then see a folder named practical-sql-master-2 that contains the various files and subfolders for the book. (First edition folder will be named practical-sql-master.)

4. Move the practical-sql-master folder to a place where you can easily find it (again, Desktop is easy).

Note for Windows users

Windows users will need to provide permission for the PostgreSQL database to read and write to the contents of the practical-sql-2-master folder. To do so, right-click the folder, click Properties, and click the Security tab. Click Edit and then Add. Type the name Everyone into the object names box and click OK. Highlight Everyone in the user list, select all boxes under Allow, and then click Apply and OK.